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The Truth About (Your) Men

Why does it not pay off to bring your wife to an SM lesson? And how come it sometimes does?

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Dominika Svobodová - Země plná otroků


Dominika Svobodova is an elite Czech Dominatrix who decided to disclose her experience and stories emerging from the many years of her practice. The stories are based on her real experience (only the names of characters were changed) and the heroes are ordinary people who you meet on a daily basis – your friends or perhaps husbands. The Dominatrix knows their other side…Thanks to the author’s explanatory observation, the book smartly and decently answers all you wanted to know about Dominatrices (particularly about men who visit them).

What are lessons with a Dominatrix like, what is allowed and forbidden, who are her visitors, what gifts do they bring…





"There is a favourite cliché about men’s (and less frequently women’s) mind occasionally moving into their pants and panties. However, the many years of Dominika’s experience specify this saying. There are indeed individuals whose alternative minds linger in the aforementioned places, but the headquarters is moved roughly 2 inches elsewhere, into the rectum area.


The complexity of anal types corresponds with the rather trivial function of their favourite body part. They are mostly simple, borderline primitive beings unburdened by the phenomenon of logical thinking, communication basics and strangers to generally accepted social customs"