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The Truth About (Your) Men

Why does it not pay off to bring your wife to an SM lesson? And how come it sometimes does?

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 The Fight of Ego and Mammon

 99% of this book content is plain truth, 1% is not lies, but half-truth or truth concealed. This is because it concerns names or jobs of Madame Dominika’s guests. You can see some of them on TV, in the newspaper, in management boards, on trams, in banks, at family gatherings or right next to you in your living room.

 We were tempted by the idea of discreetly sending them an advance copy, which could mean that the whole number of copies would be sold out before it even had a chance to be published. We would make more money than Viewegh because we’d blow out the number of copies like a butt plug (get used to the book’s technical language), but on the other hand our stories would remain untold.

 And so the winner is the literary ego, which in combination with the principles explained in chapter Discretion prevented us from disclosing most of the identities. Names were altered and jobs were replaced by their equivalent.

 We’ve done the usual reshuffle as you know it from the real world: we relocated him from CT to Nova, sent him from ODS to CSSD, transferred Brno’s councillor to Prague’s guildhall and sent a North Bohemia mines employee down South Bohemia pits.

The last trick might be slightly blurred by the fact that there are no mines in South Bohemia; however, our mission here isn’t topography but stories. And this anonymity allows them to speak the absolute truth…