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The Truth About (Your) Men

What kind of gifts do your husbands, lovers, doctors, lawyers, bosses or favourite TV personalities bring their Madames?

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  • Kevin Costner would be surprised

    "" The gun, belt and expendable baton lain on the table was still making Dominika nervous. Not really because she worried that this blonde giant would use it against her. She knew that she couldn’t even imagine a more dedicated pile of meat. After all, she nicknamed him Shrek…The gun was a steady reminder of Dominika disappointing him to a certain extent, as always, every time he came to visit her – and she never liked failing clients. However, what she disliked even more was to be persuaded to make him come kneeling down with the gun in his mouth and to pull the trigger immediately after his semen sprays the floor.

  • The Smell that Brings Spring About

    "" “Thirty six, maybe seven…” Ludvik whispered to himself, looking at a petite, smartly clad Lady standing indecisively in his department. “Indifferent body…might be 20 as well as 40. Complexion and wrinkles visually slightly over thirty, with regards to the quality and amount of makeup, six or seven years could be added up in reality. Hair too perfect to be natural, that makes her 35 at least – provided she doesn’t have some non-age related hair dysfunction which she needs to cover up. Too much eye makeup, slightly unnatural stare suggesting an undergone procedure, she could be 40, well masked. “Thirty six, maybe seven…” Ludvik repeated contentedly the result of his perceptual equation.

  • Introduction to the Anal Types Studies

    "" (an essay with three practical examples)
    There is a favourite cliché about men’s (and less frequently women’s) mind occasionally moving into their pants and panties. However, the many years of Dominika’s experience specify this saying. There are indeed individuals whose alternative minds linger in the aforementioned places, but the headquarters is moved roughly 2 inches elsewhere, into the rectum area.
    The complexity of anal types corresponds with the rather trivial function of their favourite body part. They are mostly simple, borderline primitive beings unburdened by the phenomenon of logical thinking, communication basics and strangers to generally accepted social customs.

  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Men’s Galaxy

    "" Some clients’ nonverbal communication, presented in some cases by the means of their car keys, can hardly stay unnoticed. You also cannot ignore the fact that the side table always contains the same sets of car keys brands, usually accompanied by a massive pendant with the brand’s logo to eliminate any doubts about the owner’s bank account balance – and their intellect, for intellect cannot be judged based on the brand of the car but rather on what the owner thinks it is being demonstrated by the car’s brand.

  • A Happy Guy

    "" 1)
    “Thank you for your wishes, it was a lovely surprise, indeed! I confess that the file you attached provoked a corresponding reaction. However, I was not able to obey due to unsuitable surroundings. I also feel the need to apologise for having been quiet for months – is has nothing to do with any disagreement between us, or my dissatisfaction. Unfortunately I am about to get married (“Thank god” would be more appropriate, but I’m sure you can see the ambivalence of this word in my situation), therefore I have decided to shed the old skin and with the imaginary hitch I want to put on a new one, so-called vanilla. I hope it works out for me, otherwise I will, with your permission, re-establish our communication. Best wishes and thank you for everything! Martin

  • One Hundred Thousand for Madame

    "" Nika was happy with representing a high card in Pavel Balán’s adventure game, but unaware of the fact that her value is about to be expressed much more concisely.
    It all started with Nika innocently mentioning plans for publishing a book about her experience. She mentioned it first during their traditional wet session. Pavel’s excitement was suddenly gone and Nika began to worry that his penis, applauding enthusiastically just moments ago, will crawl into his abdominal cavity like a snail into his shell.
    “What? Are you crazy? Someone will beat you up!”
    “And you’ll throw the first punch, right?” Nika playfully answered, but Pavel wasn’t in the mood for jokes.

  • Red Fingernails

    "" Dead Madame, I would like to ask you for admission to a lesson. I am a moderately experienced Sub focused on body restraint and sense deprivation (sight, breathing restriction), with preference of psychical humiliation and helplessness to physical pain. I would only like to ask you not to wear red nail polish on fingernails and toenails. Apart from this there are no other limits except permanent damage – marks on my body could ideally stay no more than a few hours.

    Even though the nearly hundred-year-old song describes men in their mid-thirties as “boys like flowers”, Nika’s experience with this age group was by far the worst.

  • Swarovski and 10 pounds of smoked meat

    "" Dear wives, girlfriends, partners! Have you got the feeling that your husband/partner is neglecting you in activities such as purchasing flowers, buying jewellery, fragrances or massage vouchers? I agree with you and the aforementioned stuff is available to be picked up from my place! Does it make you angry that he’s not appreciating the household chores you do, let alone that he never takes part in it? Yet he washes the floors, does the dusting and vacuuming and pays for it far more than the average fee for a cleaning lady!

  • When Slaves Jump Out Of Your TV Screen

    "" A practical e-mail conversation sample:
    I don’t have a picture of myself but you can see me here:
    www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady XXXXXXXXX ekonomika-ct-24/ I was an expert guest in this programme, time 32:06 - 37:00. I am slimmer in real life. Míra.

    One of the basic rules in the client – Madame relationship is obviously discretion. Whenever I met one of my subjects in the underground or at a grocery store, I let him decide to what extend he wants to come forward and show that we know each other. Also, I have never asked curious questions or searched for clients’ identity. However, when I saw three of my slaves in three consecutive days on TV– one of them was giving advice to the government, one of them was talking about horses and the other just won some king of a yachting race – I realised that sometimes you get to know a lot even without asking…

  • FAQ or the (s)hit parade of most frequent question

    "" …at the same time an overview of the silliest, most needless questions…try not to ask these, your Dominatrix will certainly appreciate it…

    1. And you do this for money or because you enjoy it?
    Gentlemen, have you ever asked theatre actors if they act for money or pleasure?! If a professional Dominatrix wants to be good at what she’s doing, she has to enjoy SM (just like actors enjoy acting). If she, at the same time, wants to be popular, she has to take on some roles which she doesn’t consider particularly interesting and act without the audience realising this.
    Practical examples:
    A) Ideal combination of the pleasant and the useful, which is the nature of genuine pleasure from an SM lesson, and the pay check occurs when the client trusts Madame and is able to describe his wishes.

  • Revenge of the Wife

    "" He felt that he would not last much longer. Even though, as the right Economist that he was, he tried to maximise the benefits of their lesson, the message coming from his groin was straightforward – nothing can go on endlessly. He was sat in a chair with his hands tied behind the back of the chair, not with handcuffs but with a silk rope. He did not desire pain but restraint which this position made possible. Dominika was leaning against the wall behind him, one leg on the ground and the other between his thighs. With the tip of her shoe, she was playing with his penis which laid there on the chair like an apathetic slug only fifteen minutes ago, now it was swinging from side to side with the help of her gentle pokes.

  • Excuses and Apologies or Lies Won’t Sadden You (Bu

    "" During the years of my practice I have found out that my ability to attract catastrophes is more than curious. Especially in 20 minutes or less before lessons were planned to begin. The catastrophes often include clients’ car fleet, downright inhuman treatment from their bosses, or even serious health issues. Some of the excuses have eventually gained a ‘classic’ hallmark due to their recurrence, I’m sure you have heard them before as well. Despite being multi-purpose, they have an interesting aspect in connection with SM:

    Car-related Excuses
    “I got into an accident on the way to your place!”…another version is “My car has been stolen!”…and once I even heard “I cannot remember where I parked my car.”

  • Mr. Experience (vs. The Others)

    "" …I cannot wait for the new mug! So, I’ve just scheduled a business trip meeting on Tuesday evening. Oleeeee, hoooorayyyyy! :-)…!

    There were roughly 10% guests of whom Dominika thought as human beings and let them escape the restraining straitjacket that comes with being a client. The author of that excited e-mail combined Czech newspeak with baby talk – Dominika considered this as “symptoms revealing a vast misbalance between the educational and maturation process”, nevertheless the author did so with a sweet insight.

  • True Stories From Wet Line No. 9

    "" (a report with several flashbacks)
    The tram was slowly beginning to move forward, passengers were opening the windows, fanned themselves with newspaper, jealous of others sitting at the shaded side and most of them recalled with poignant urgency the information from the media about insufficient deodorant use in the Czech Republic. Driver’s seat in trams is separated from the rest by a smell-proof door but those who thought the driver’s area was an oasis of fresh air were very much mistaken. The omnipresent smell of urine did not bother the driver at all – or more precisely didn’t aggravate him – because it is needless to say that he was not calm at all.
    His eyes were following the tracks, routine movements of his arms and legs were directing the tram towards the next stop, but his mind was entirely under the influence of olfactory perception memories. The afternoon sun was intensifying the pungent smell and Mr. Dalbych was enthusiastically sniffing the vapours reeking from his blue-ish staff shirt.

  • The Wall of Truth

    "" …I’d like piss, licking, facesitting and if the chemistry is right, I wouldn’t be against that S/M thing either. If that’s OK. I have some experience but it is truly an impossible task to find something regular and classy. I’d appreciate if you could send me your photo so I have a better idea about you…I also have a friend from Pilsen, she is 32. She is pretty, smart (she studied two universities – teaching and medicine) and she’s extremely Bi. She’s looking for a dominant girl for meetings, just the two of them. She doesn’t want to get other men involved in this. She’s rather looking for a friend so financial obligations aren’t necessary…”
    In the email the writer seemed like a potential sexual bum, not having lost the faith that a University degree is an unmistakable manifestation of intelligence, especially when it comes to a friend from Pilsen.